Projects for 2014

Some of my projects have been ongoing for the past few years and some are just beginning.   I always have a few Guineas and a couple of Heritage Breed Turkeys around.   They pretty much free range and keep everyone else in order.   In 2012 I bought a Mute Swan male that I named Barry.   It took me 2 more years to find a mate for him to replace the one he had lost before I got him and a year for Barry and Rachel to bond.  I'm hoping that in 2014, they will produce some cygnets for us.  

The Pheasants were not really planned, they just happened.  I plan to try my had with these Goldens and if it's successful, they will be sold and I'll move up to a more exotic type that will do well here in our climate.  

A favorite project is my Chocolate Araucana's.  It's a long term thing for me and I expect to work on the project a few more years before they are ready to show or sell.  I plan to perfect them before selling anything from this pen.  I am dabbling with both the Dun gene that makes a chocolate color as well as the Recessive/Sex Linked gene that came from the Orpingtons when the first Chocolate Orpingtons were imported into the US from Great Britain.   I'm even working on producing a color not seen yet in the United States, called Beige in the UK, the color is a special combination of Dun plus chocolate.    The end product will essentially be an Araucana but chocolate in color.

I don't have good photo's yet, and my stag is still young but I have a pair of games that I'm looking forward to learning more about.  My stag is an O Shamo/Brazilian cross and the pullet is O Shamo.  These birds are very impressive, standing 2 to 3 foot tall, upright with a stance that says they mean all business yet they are very people friendly and even comical.

I also have a couple of Tomaru chicks.  This breed is a Long Crower, meaning just that.....they have a crow lasting several seconds, 15 to 20 seconds even and that may not seem long but wait till you hear one.

Lastly, I have a Grey Jungle Fowl that will be shipped to me soon.  Stay tuned.......