You can email us at Five Hills Farm for more information before buying.

Below is a list of Available hatching eggs/poultry.  

Egyptian fayoumi pair *******

Young pair of Fayoumi.  These are just beginning to breed/lay.   $30 for the pair plus shipping. 

 Not hatching yet (2016) Young Araucanas will be held until they are old enough and mature enough to safely ship.  I will post available Araucana's as started chicks, young stock or adults as they become available. Weather can control a lot of things so I cannot guarantee I will have anything year round.

I will not ship birds or hatching eggs if the weather is too hot or cold on either end of the trip.  Shipping is not included in the price for birds or hatching eggs.  Depending on how many eggs are bought, the cost may vary a little but in general it's been "around" $18 for a dozen + the cost of the hatching eggs and I don't charge for materials I use to pack them.  The cost may be a little over or a little less than $18 depending on how many eggs are packed and I generally send extra's.   I've found that setting a flat rate, I often came out paying out of pocket so I can no longer charge a flat rate.  Payment is still due before shipping but I will pack them up and send the total in time to have them shipped the next morning.

 Shipping live birds:  Extra charges apply for a new a shipping box with soft bedding/apple quarters and pellets plus the actual cost for me to ship them to you so that will vary by weight and your location, always Express Mail.  I will weigh the chicken in the box that has the bedding and food and send you the weight with the cost to ship them to be added to the cost of the bird(s).  The boxes will safely hold up to 10 pounds so in some cases, only one individual will be shipped per box.  I will need your address to get the actual cost from my post office.   

I may occasionally list a bird or hatching eggs here but please contact me to be certain of availability.  Egg availability is based on the hens whims so I try to keep them all happy as can be but sometimes, the weather, broodiness, moulting and other things cause a shutdown in production.  This is beyond my control but it generally picks up so please bear with me.

Before you intend to buy any of the birds or hatching eggs listed here, please Email me to confirm availability and send your zipcode so I can let you know what it will cost to ship.  I can weigh them so it will be accurate.  I take Paypal only and I am verified.  Feel free to offer trades, it never hurts to ask.  

Our location is Buffalo, Mo. 65622

You are also welcome to call 417-253-2206,  call after 6 pm and I should be home.  Thanks!  Cathy

For sale now ***

Available as of February 2016

No chicks are available at this time

***Interested in something "different"??  

Tomaru hatching eggs, $45/ doz + $15 for shipping.  The Tomaru is a "Longcrower" breed.   The average length of crowing is 6 to 14 seconds.  They are a beautiful black breed, hens generally have a black face/comb and the roosters red with some black.  They are also considered a "Longtail" breed but the tail is expected to just touch the ground, not super long or dragging.  It's the long crow that sets this breed apart from every other breed in the US at this time.  

Read more about the Tomaru here:

Send me an email for the history of my Tomaru Flock, the email link is at the top of this page. 

My Cemani are just beginning to produce for me.  I will not be offering hatching eggs, only day old chicks (pick up only), and started chicks later.  I may have some "Fibro" crosses that will be offered as started chicks.  Please inquire.