The Cemani  (The Blackest Ones)                       

One of my Cemani Roosters and sire of my chicks hatching spring 2016

Ayam Cemani is an uncommon and relatively modern breed of chicken originating in Indonesia. They have a dominant gene that causes hyperpigmentation leading to the skin, feathers and even the internal organs appearing dark black 

Primary useornamental
Egg sizeSmall
Egg colorWhite

(taken from Wikipedia)

The Cemani are often referred to as the Lamborghini of poultry due to their value.  They originated in Indonesia as a landrace (not a true breed but bred for the melanotic coloring) and were used in rituals, in China their black meat is considered medicinal.  In the rest of the world, they are an exotic breed although at this time, there is no standard of perfection by the APA.  

The Cemani were imported into the US from Europe. Indonesia has been off limits for importation of birds for many years because of disease so it's considered likely that the Cemani are impure and were outcrossed in Europe and the imports here are from those lines.  There is no documentation of this so it's speculation and there are surely some that are more pure than others but the result and the goal is the same, an entirely black chicken....from the bones, the meat, skin, eyes, comb, wattles....everything head to toe and inside to outside is BLACK.


Five Hills Farm Cemani 

The lines I am starting with are Toni Marie Astin, Terry and Cindy Howard and Launi Hubbard.  I will continue to add Cemani from reputable breeders until I have all the genes needed to work with a closed flock.

I will not be selling hatching eggs.  There may be started chicks available in 2016, please inquire.  I'm sorry but I will not be keeping a list to let anyone know when chicks are available.  Please mark my site and check in often.