Brahman "Type" Cattle

My husband would prefer we just had a nice, normal herd of stock cows with a nice registered Angus Bull to raise a few calves for market but when you only have room for a few, why not make them unusual and interesting?  I think the Brahman type cattle, and there are a number of types, are the most beautiful cattle on earth.  They certainly have some qualities that stand out to me.

For one, the Brahman cow will outlast any other breed as far as length of years they are able to produce calves.  This interested me because I prefer to have them around longer than just 5 or 6 yrs then sell because they're no longer productive.   They are insanely intelligent.  Most cows are smarter than some might think but the Brahman cow is a thinker and she remembers.   They develop bonds with generally one person. 

This is Rose, grade Brahman type cow of Gir or Indu Brazilian type, or both.  This type cattle were used in the making of the American Brahman breed.

Rose's bull calf born 2015

I bottle fed a couple of stock cow type heifer calves in 2012.  They are running with my son's herd of "normal" cows, LOL.  

This is Millie (black) and Ariel (red)   They spent a bit over a year with our son's stock cow herd and came home in late 2014.  Ariel had a black heifer calf that we will be keeping, born on April 1st.  Millie shortly after. Hard to imagine these two babies are mothers now.