Please visit the  SCNA website (Serama Council of North America)   for more information about the Serama, photo's, membership, the latest news, a listing of breeders and a great Forum.

I keep Serama's for my own pleasure and because of that, I raise a very limited number.   I generally keep a couple of cocks and their hens.   Of all of the many, many colors and patterns that Serama are seen in, my favorites are still black and chocolate.  I breed for black, chocolate and a few select silver based patterns.  I do offer a few for sale and may consider shipping a few hatching eggs with live birds but I don't ship hatching eggs alone as they're more difficult to hatch than most other shipped eggs. 

I also have one Frizzled cock so I will hatch some frizzled.  I only breed frizzled to straight feathered and generally, all frizzled will be for sale.