In 1994, I graduated from nursing school and we bought 40 acres to build a home on and raise our three young sons.   Over time, we raised a few calves and had a couple horses.   We decided to raise gaited mules in 1997 when my mare, Princess, had quietly gotten bred to a neighbors small donkey jack.  We had tried to get Princess bred for years before that but she evidently had other plans and foaled with her first, and only, foal at age 20.  It was a mule foal and what a jewel she was.  She was named Jewel and we were smitten.

Princess never had another foal.  She passed quietly at just under 30 yrs old and we buried her here, on the farm, where she spent many good years with us.  In the meantime,  I had traded for a couple of young, registered, Missouri Foxtrotter fillies (they're the ole ladies here now).  The fillies were just a year old when I brought them home and they would become the beginning of many years of pleasure and mule making.  More select mares were added to the herd over time.  We had a wonderful mammoth jack from Three Jumps Farm then, after he died suddenly, we found another wonderfully bred mammoth jack (Five Hills Bocephus) to continue raising mules from.    

The years have flown by, the boys have grown up and we still love our mule TJ.  Our jack, Five Hills Bocephus was sold to a breeder in north Missouri.  We never really made money from the adventure but we were richer for it in friendships through the years.  As with all goals, they are altered by time and circumstance and we are enjoying ourselves with a couple foals a year and the poultry.  

I hope to make this an enjoyable, if not very informative site that you'll want to come back to visit and share with your friends.  Please sign my guestbook and drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you!   

Chester & Cathy Hill

Buffalo, Mo.

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