I have to say that without these fine mares, there would have been no Five Hills Mules and it was mules that were the reason for these mares.  The Missouri Foxtrotter breed is a smooth gaited breed, a diagonal gait, with a distinct "rocking chair" feel.  In addition, they have a temperament and trainability that I have not found in any other breed making them the perfect mare to make the perfect mule.   I do not make this statement lightly and feel our mules are proof.   When we sold our Mammoth Jack Donkey, the mares stayed as well as TJ (Five Hills Tornado Joe), the last mule by our first jack (Tank)  and Fancy is his momma.  TJ is a 16 hand gaited mule that is full of curiosity and is happiest when he's being the yard dog.

Top to bottom on left :  

Gunner's Fancy Yankee, smoky black, mule mom supreme.  So much so that she has not had a single reg. MFT foal, something I am changing in 2010.  She is due to foal in March 2010 with our last mule foal by Bo.  She will be bred back to a MFT stallion to be announced after foaling.  With the solid foxtrot she's put on her mule foals, heaven only knows how awesome a MFT foal will be out of this mare.  She is TJ's momma.    Fancy, 15.1 hands, is by Gunner's Pride, a 16.3 hand buckskin MFT stallion.

Second down is Erin, "Harmonee's Pure Perfection".  A sweet, 13.3 hand flaxen, sorrel sabino MFT mare by Perfections Black Gold.  Her mule foals were very gaited and ranged around 14 hands.  Rather than sell this mare when we had mule buyers wanting a taller mule, Erin found a new job and is producing registered Missouri Foxtrotter Ponies for us.   See Harmonee's Lil Perfection below Erin's photo.  This mare is a fantastic ride with a smooth gait and she is ready to GO!  All you have to do is ask and she is ready.